Thirteen New Oil Paintings 2017

Paintings from the winter of 2016 – 2017



Sun Stone

Heart Monument


Light House

Lucid Love

Fourth Season

New Growth

Spring Harbinger

Anther in Red

The First of June

Asleep in the Forest of Pan

Being a painter, I was born in 1951 already an antique.  After a lifetime of creating images in this post modern world I have come to champion no ism’s.  Taking to heart my eighty year old friend’s reminder that his generation made sure everything had been done, I have proceeded to do everything in each painting.  The resulting twelve oil paintings, though inevitably stamped with my distinctive aesthetic voice, travel freely through various fields of exploration.  Accepting that the act of working in paint will result in the echo of vaguely familiar imagery from past painters has released me from the tyrannical demand for newness and, ironically, opened the process to a multitude of possibilities embodied in each individual painting.  If it has all been done before there is no territory worth defending.  One either stands on shifting sands, or swims.

Stan Berning
April 2017