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ART BOX (an exhibition space) and IN THE STUDIO PRODUCTIONS

ART BOX was opened in August of 2015 as a physical extension of STAN BERNING STUDIO and an appendage to IN THE STUDIO PRODUCTIONS.  It is intended as a unique exhibition space for one-off installations by both emerging and established artists, and a tool to introduce new videos created by IN THE STUDIO PRODUCTIONS.  During times of inactivity it becomes an extension of Stan Berning’s studio work space.


ART BOX / 54 1/2 E San Francisco St. – Santa Fe NM 87501 / 928-460-2611 / stan@stanberning.com /

At IN THE STUDIO PRODUCTIONS we make high quality art and culture videos for Artists and Galleries.  For a rate sheet please click here  to download a PDF file ratesheetandcontracts(final)  or contact Stan Berning at 928-460-2611 or stan@stanberning.com .  Also, visit our youtube channel at: “In The Studio”

This year’s schedule to date:

Opening August 7th / Stan Berning / Grand Opening / “A Figurative Derivation” / through September / “The Making of Grand Sky Passing”

Opening October 2nd / Timothy Nero / “In The Studio” video release party and installation / through October 23rd / “In The Studio” with Timothy Nero

Opening November 6th / Jack Charney / “In The Studio” video release party and installation / through November 27th / “In The Studio” with Jack Charney