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ART BOX (an exhibition space) and IN THE STUDIO PRODUCTIONS

ART BOX was opened in August of 2015 as a physical extension of STAN BERNING STUDIO and an appendage to IN THE STUDIO PRODUCTIONS.  It is intended as a unique exhibition space for one-off installations by both emerging and established artists, and a tool to introduce new videos created by IN THE STUDIO PRODUCTIONS.  During times of inactivity it becomes an extension of Stan Berning’s studio work space.


ART BOX / 54 1/2 E San Francisco St. – Santa Fe NM 87501 / 928-460-2611 / /

At IN THE STUDIO PRODUCTIONS we make high quality art and culture videos for Artists and Galleries.  For a rate sheet please click here  to download a PDF file ratesheetandcontracts(final)  or contact Stan Berning at 928-460-2611 or .  Also, visit our youtube channel at: “In The Studio”

This year’s schedule to date:

Opening August 7th / Stan Berning / Grand Opening / “A Figurative Derivation” / through September / “The Making of Grand Sky Passing”

Opening October 2nd / Timothy Nero / “In The Studio” video release party and installation / through October 23rd / “In The Studio” with Timothy Nero

Opening November 6th / Jack Charney / “In The Studio” video release party and installation / through November 27th / “In The Studio” with Jack Charney


Welcome to Stan Berning Studio and ART BOX

Studio and Exhibition Space by appointment :

54 1/2 East San Francisco St. Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

928-460 2611 /


Mr. Berning, a resident of Santa Fe since 1981, is a well known artist, author, teacher, and former gallery owner .  His works have been exhibited in such diverse locations as San Francisco, Paris, and New York’s Lincoln Center.  In 2005 his paintings became the focus of the film OFF THE MAP starring Joan Allen and Sam Elliott.  Also in 2005 he began a year long journey up the west coast of North America.  Experiences during this time became the foundation for his memoir about art, which was written over the next three years.

Evocative of the New Mexico landscape with its sweeping vistas and ever changing light, these most recent oil, egg tempera, and watercolor paintings are the result of a ten year process described in the entry “A Figurative Derivation”.


ART BOX was opened in August of 2015 as an exhibition space for one-off installations by emerging and established artists and a tool to introduce new videos produced by In The Studio Productions.  When not in use it becomes an extension of Stan’s studio.


Featured here are his newest paintings, a brief bio, the first chapter of about art, a museum presentation written in 2011 titled “A Figurative Derivation”, an overview of ART BOX and this years exhibition schedule.


     “Being a painter, I was born in 1951 already an antique.  After a lifetime of creating images in this post modern world I have come to champion no ism’s.  Taking to heart my eighty year old friend’s reminder that his generation made sure everything had been done, I have proceeded to do everything in each painting.  The resulting fifteen oil paintings, though inevitably stamped with my distinctive aesthetic voice, travel freely through various fields of contemporary exploration.  Accepting that the act of working in paint will result in the echo of vaguely familiar imagery from past painters has released me from the tyrannical demand for newness and, ironically, opened the process to a multitude of possibilities embodied in each individual painting.  If it has all been done before there is no territory worth defending.  One either stands on shifting sands, or swims”.

Stan Berning
April 2017

A Brief Bio